Higher-Order Theories of Consciousness and What-it-is-Like-ness
2018, Philosophical Studies.

Editorial: Consciousness and Inner Awareness
2017, with Tom McClelland, Review of Philosophy and Psychology
This is the introduction to a special issue on Consciousness and Inner Awareness edited by Tom and I.

“What it is like” Talk is not Technical Talk’
2016, Journal of Consciousness Studies
(See here for a presentation and discussion of an early version of this paper at the Minds Online conference, 2015)


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A Defence of Quasi-memory Theories of Personal Identity
(See here for more on this.)

The Lexical Account “What it is like” Talk
(See here for more on this.)

In progress

The Contents of Perceptual Experience and How Things Seem

Things are Never as They Seem: Against the Transparency of Consciousness

How Phenomenally Conscious Mental States Seem

Other publications

Must Aesthetic Definitions of Art be Disjunctive?
2008, American Society for Aesthetics Graduate E-Journal

Other research

‘What Is It Like’ Talk: What It Is Like
PhD thesis