Higher-Order Theories of Consciousness and What-it-is-Like-ness
2018, Philosophical Studies.

Editorial: Consciousness and Inner Awareness
2017, with Tom McClelland, Review of Philosophy and Psychology
This is the introduction to a special issue on Consciousness and Inner Awareness.

“What it is like” Talk is not Technical Talk’
2016, Journal of Consciousness Studies
(See here for a presentation and discussion of an early version of this paper at Minds Online 2015)

Under review

A paper defending quasi-memory theories of personal identity.
(See here for more on this.)

In progress

The Contents of Perceptual Experience and How Things Seem

Things are Never as They Seem: Against the Transparency of Consciousness

Quasi-Memories and Personal Identity

Quasi-Memories and Relation R

Other publications

Must Aesthetic Definitions of Art be Disjunctive?
2008, American Society for Aesthetics Graduate E-Journal

Other research

‘What Is It Like’ Talk: What It Is Like
PhD thesis